Trading in International markets workshops

Training workshops

Ajiad Securities offers a set of training workshops in the field of trading, whether you are an experienced trader or a beginner in the world of trading, we make every effort to provide our clients and partners with all the necessary tools, knowledge and follow-up to achieve a unique trading experience that helps you choose the optimal trading method to meet your aspirations.

First level workshop
• Golden rules for professional trading in global markets
• The first-level program aims to identify the fundamentals of trading in financial markets:
• An introduction to financial markets.
• Margin Trading and Leverage.
• Financial Markets.
• Buying and Telling operations.
• Introduction to Fundamental analysis.
• Introduction to Technical analysis.
• Practical application using the MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform.

Advanced level workshop 1
Professional technical analysis and chart reading.
The advanced level program aims to introduce the trader to the importance of technical analysis and to provide innovative ways to monitor and understand market price changes in various periods and shapes in order to determine the appropriate times for buying and selling, whether on the daily, weekly, or even long term Investments.
• Principles and methods of risk management.
• Methods of analysis of financial markets.
• Use of some important trading indicators.
• CHARTS types.
• Risk management to the forex markets.
• How to trade using indicators
• How to define support and Resistance levels.

Advanced Level workshop 2
Price Action (Professional Seminar)
By attending the workshop, you will learn the most accurate strategy for identifying highly significant market turning points and strong moves.
• How to determine the best selling and buying zone.
• Ways to find support and resistance levels .
• Confidence in profitable trading decisions.
• Figure out direction using the Price Action strategy.
• Use of the most important trading indicators.

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