POWER GATE is fully committed to performing work in accordance with a quality control plan (QCP), described herein.

The primary purpose of this QCP is to provide POWER GATE a means to accomplish its performance objectives (work) effectively and efficiently. In all cases, that performance objective is to provide POWER GATE with products and services that fully meet its requirements.

Senior management has the responsibility for the scope and the implementation of this QCP and for ensuring that adequate resources are available for its implementation. Senior management shall take the necessary actions to ensure that this QCP is fully understood, maintained, and implemented by POWER GATE employees.

The POWER GATE Project Director will provide the planning, organizational direction, control, and support to achieve the plan objectives. Each individual has complete responsibility for the quality of the work he or she performs.

Risk is the fundamental consideration in determining to what extent the POWER GATE QCP process is applied to the work performed. The requirements used to develop this POWER GATE QCP are imposed in varying degrees consistent with the risk to the environment, to personnel safety, to product and process quality, and other elements (client requirement, regulatory requirements, codes, and standards, etc.) of risk determination.