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Health and Safety

Safety is the number one focus for POWER GATE

Safety objectives:

  • Achieve an injury and incident free workplace
  • Reinforce message that safety shall never be compromised to achieve any other business objective
  • Continually improve safety culture, management systems, and performance

More than 250 detailed and approved HSE plans and procedures Daily tool box talks and for each specific new task Work only with necessary permits in place

Power Gate is extremely committed to the health and safety of our employees and to protecting the environment. Power Gate believes:

  • Health, safety and environmental issues can be identified and managed.
  • No job is worth a loss of life or injury – everyone goes home safe.
  • "ZERO Incidents" is an attainable objective.

Excellence in safety, security, and health in the workplace is a core value for Power Gate. Our HSE Management System (HSEMS) puts our safety commitment into action. Every Power Gate employee and contractor accepts safety, security, and health as job requirements, whether working at a desk, on a project site, in a warehouse, or at any of our facilities.

Power Gate’s HSE Management System model comprises eight interrelated components:

  • Commitment and leadership and accountability
  • Policies and objectives
  • Organization and resources
  • Contractor and supplier management
  • Business processes
  • Performance monitoring and improvement
  • Audits and reviews.

These are continuously improved by conformance checks

  • On day-to-day standards and procedures (controls).
  • On the management system (correction).
  • Through modifications to the management system (improvement).